Guideline Committee

Terms of Reference


The Garrod Guideline Committee was established to formulate clinical guidelines, endorse existing guidelines, and write statements pertaining to specific Metabolic diseases/disorders. The Committee will assemble Task Forces to conduct the literature review of specific diseases/disorders. These Task Forces will report back to the Committee. Evaluation and endorsement of existing guidelines will be done using the AGREE II tool.


The Committee will be composed of up to 10 individuals with interest, experience, and expertise in clinical practice, laboratory, and research of Metabolic disorders. Members with diverse job profiles and in different career stages will be sought to provide differing perspectives.

Term of Office

Membership is voluntary. Members will be appointed by the Committee Chair and the President of the Garrod Association to serve a 2-year term, with an opportunity for renewal. 

The Committee Chair will be appointed by the President of the Garrod Association for a term of 2 years. Members of the Committee should be members of or affiliated with the Garrod Association.


A Member is required to attend a minimum of 60% of the meetings in a 12-month period. If a Member’s attendance is below the minimum, the Member’s membership on the Committee may be reviewed at the discretion of the Chair and the President of the Garrod Association.


The Committee will meet every 2 months, though more frequent or less frequent meetings may be required.

Meetings will be done via teleconference communication; meetings will be held via zoom/google teams unless otherwise stated. There should be at least 50% attendance from members of the Committee to achieve quorum.

Minutes and Agenda

All Members will be sent a copy of the minutes prior to each meeting. The minutes will be approved by the Committee at the beginning of each meeting. 


The Committee will compile the information either as a resource that is curated and updated continuously or via publication. The Committee Chair will report annually to the Garrod Association Members during the Association’s Annual Meeting.

Garrod Guideline Committee Members

As of 28 Feb 2022

Andrea Yu


University of Ottawa

Lauren MacNeil 

University of Alberta

Murray Potter

McMaster University

Pranesh Chakraborty

University of Ottawa

Shailly Jain

University of Alberta

Beth Potter

University of Ottawa

Graeme Nimmo

University of Toronto

Brittany Marshman 


Ingrid Tein

University of Toronto

Sarah Dyack

Dalhousie University

Michal Inbar-Feigenberg

University of Toronto.