Symposium 2012

Garrod Symposium 2012

The annual meeting of the Garrod Association will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Please mark the date on your calendars.

The StaR Summit 2012 with its theme “Bridge to Better Therapies” is being held in Winnipeg this year on Monday May 7th and Tuesday May 8th immediately following the Garrod and CanPKU meetings and some may wish to extend their trips to Winnipeg to attend this excellent summit.

As posted on its website “The StaR Child Health (Standards for Research in Child Health)” is a group of methodologists, clinicians and policy makers who seek to enhance the quality, ethics and reliability of pediatric clinical research by promoting the use of evidence-based standards or guidance for clinical studies with children.”

This year Sylvia Stockler will be hosting a workshop on Creating Framework to improve Evidence of Treatments for Rare Diseases and Cheryl Greenberg will be presenting on Translating Knowledge in Hereditary metabolic diseases- the Hypophosphatasia Story.

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